Films I look forward to in 2014

Tonight is the Golden Globe, and therefore I have chosen to list some of the films I am looking forward to see this year!

I have picked a few films from the 2014 list of films found on and form Some of these films may not look the best or get the best reviews, but I am still excited to see them all. 🙂 Sadly there is few international (non-US), and indie films on these list, so I think I will have to make another list for that later. Also, I didn’t get to read about all the films on the list, so there may be a few more i’ll wanna see… so the list may get updated when I have time!

P.S Other movie suggestions are highly appreciated! 😀

Films I’m REALLY looking forward to see:

  • The Wolf of Wall Street
  • The Anchorman 2
  • American Hustle
  • Dumb and Dumber To
  • Nymphomaniac
  • Rio 2
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past
  • 22 Jump Street
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2
  • Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1
  • The Hobbit: There and Back Again
  • Dallas Buyers Club

Other films:

  • Exodus
  • Gimme Shelter
  • Her
  • The LEGO Movie
  • Pompeii
  • 300: Rise of An Empire
  • Noah
  • Godzilla
  • Maleficent
  • Neighbors
  • Transformers 4: Age of Extinction
  • Hercules: The Thracian Wars
  • The Expandables 3
  • The Maze Runner
  • The Interview
  • Fury
  • Big Eyes

For the complete list visit on!id=76283&index=6

– CinaMonster-



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