Zero to Hero: Day 1: Introduction to me!

I have decided to do the Zero to Hero challenge: 30 Days to a Better blog that I found on wordpress a few days ago.. may be a little late, but better late than never. Reasons for this is because I often forget to blog, and this will hopefully get me into a routine and motivate me 🙂

I chose to make a blog because I want to share my views on things with as many people as i can. It is not that i have chosen this instead of a personal journal, as I keep one of those too under my bed 😉

The topics I will write about is mostly the universe of film and music.. & some times TV and video games if I find a good one. I am also interested in health and may occasionally post some recipes and motivational videos and tips. Why film and music you may ask! Well, I do have a bachelors degree in film and cultural studies, and wish to use this knowledge in some way since getting a job in the field is very hard 😉 Also I am a self-taught guitarist, and loves music! Any music! Mostly rock, punk and metal though. I often go to gigs and would like to share this with you, as well as my favorite bands. From time to time I am sure i’ll post about some other things too of course, nothing is settled!

Through this blog i want to reach out to people who have an interest in films.. all kinds of films and music.

My goal for 2014 with this blog is to connect with some film and music lovers, and also become a better writer! =)


I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger!


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