Cine-Review: Frozen

Title: Frozen
Year: 2013
By: Disney

Princess Elsa has a secret power of controlling snow and ice. By an accident she hurts her sister Anna when she is young and is banned from using her powers again. Years later, after living in solitude, she is going to be crowned as Queen, but is annoyed by her sisters irrational attitude and end up freezing the whole town of Arendale. Else is mad and scared and runs up to the mountain so she won’t hurt anyone ever again. The film follows Ana on her trip to find her sister and get her to defrost their town.

I didn’t go into the movie theatre expecting much of this. Yes, it could be as good as Tangled, but after reading some reviews i doubted it. What made me happy was that Disney still holds on to their traditions of musical elements in their animated films. This film may not hold classics like heard in Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, but I found it heartwarming and fun to re-live these childhood memories of Disney films and songs. Some of the songs are also a bit long and weird to be honest.
Since I am from the North, what i enjoyed most in this film was the influences it has from Scandinavian-, in particular Norwegian culture! The music, the names, the scenery resembles my culture, and it makes me a bit proud that Disney has chosen to portray this in one of their films.
All in all, the film is entertaining, and has it’s fun moments. Especially the Snowman Olaf and the reindeer Sven makes the film very enjoyable! The songs however, are a bit long and out of place at times, but the overall impression is quite good.

So if you are into Disney, and musicals… this is the film for you!

– CinaMonster –


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