CineReview: Ingrid Goes West (2017)

I went to see ‘Ingrid Goes West’ with a Q&A at the Arclight in Hollywood.

An unhinged social media stalker moves to LA and insinuates herself into the life of an Instagram star.IMBD

Year: 2017
Genre: Comedy

Director: Matt Spicer
Cinematographer: Bryce Fortner
Editor: Jack Price
Production Design: Susie Mancini
Cast: Aubrey PlazaElizabeth OlsenO’Shea Jackson Jr.

I actually just went to see this because I think Q&A’s are interesting, at least it can be interesting hehe. This one was a bit unorganised, the poor moderator kept saying how nervous he was, and I could tell.

Anyway, on to the film.

This film is set in Los Angeles in current 2017 time. It follows Ingrid (Aubrey Plaza) who moves to LA because of her obsession with an Instagram Star; Taylor (Elizabeth Olsen), who lives in there. She goes to the extreme and manage, in questionable ways, to befriend her new obsession.

I think this film portrays current time really well when it comes to social media, and the role it plays in our lives. Additionally, it portrays LA lifestyle well, which made some of the funniest parts and dialogues of the film. I think a lot of people can relate to this film, and how we show our life on Social Media versus how it is in Real Life.

The character of Ingrid, I really liked. She is messed up, and un extreme. However, as much as I like them talking about mental health, I don’t think it should be portrayed as someone being “crazy” as Ingrid is portrayed here. Additionally, I am a bit worried for the end. Without revealing too much, I am scared some teens may think this is a way to get attention maybe? Or maybe not, maybe I’m overthinking it, but glorifying mental health issues CAN potentially be an issue if the wrong person watches it. All in all, I like this character because she has issues haha!
The Taylor character however, I can’t really relate to, she seems kinda flat. Dan Pinto (O’Shae Jackson Jr) is a fun character too.

Random info from Q&A: Aubrey told the story of how he got the role. She messaged himIMG_7897 on Twitter (like Ingrid would) about the script and with her email and number. She got a text a few days later where he refers to himself as Batman. They went for a drink to talk about the movie.. However, it turned out, he never read the script as she never sent it. He was actually taking her on a date (insert awkward turtle here), and she wondered: but why.. did he refer to himself as Batman if he hadn’t read the script!? Turned out he also liked Batman, and is also a Screenwriter (like the character). It was basically a match made in heaven since in real life O’Shea has a lot of the same characteristics as Dan.


Storywise, I think it moves pretty well. I didn’t feel it had any dead moments, you know; where you wanna check the time to see how much is left, which is good. It has some fun moments where Ingrid does some crazy things, and real moments where we see that InstaLife is not real life.

Anyway, I think this film was a good watch. It had some fun moments. It had some real moments. It really captures Today! As in, how a lot of people live their life today, it’s really relatable, which is what I liked the best.

I’ve done it a bit different the last reviews by having 5 stars for some reason, but it’s supposed to be 6.. So, I’ll go back to that from now on!
I’m torn between 4 or 4.5.. I’ll go with 4 because as much as it was a fun film to watch, I’m not sure how I feel about the ending. I don’t mind open endings, but I don’t like how Ingrid gets to the fame she wants, plus I felt the end screamed for a sequel.
(And I’m trying to work out how to get the stars in a horizontal line.. it worked before, i don’t know what happened *-*)






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