On Netflix: Death Note (2017) (Spoiler Alert, if you care)

I thought this was gonna be a series! How have I missed them making a movie? I’m mind blown. This is not a review, more my own thoughts on it and I’m writing this as I watch it. Really trying to go into this with an open mind!! But, I do not expect to like this… haha

Reactions as I watch:

1. The Light dude, he has a totally different personality than the original. He’s an asshole already. I know he is like that in the original too, but I don’t think that happens until after he gets arrogant with the Death Note. (Also random: Light sometimes looks like Zacky Vengeance from Avenged Sevenfold.. haha)


Light Turner

zacky v

Zacky V









2. Why is his mother dead? This is such a Hollywood move!

3. What the fudge is up with him screaming like a girl…….. How badass.. not!

4. I’m sorry, but, some continuity errors.. I don’t mind that, I KNOW from experience that sometimes it’s unavoidable, or the take chosen is the best performance. But many continuity errors signals, to me, that it was filmed in a rush, or short amount of time, like sitcoms, where it happens all the time.

5. What’s up with Ryuk making a mess??

6. What’s up with the dialogue?? Why is he swearing? Why is he a bad actor?

7. Oh no, Ryuk is of course British… I like his voice! but the enemy is always a foreigner.

8. Ah! I’m so annoyed! Why is he killing an innocent person??

9. LMAO!!!! at the first kill. First decapitation. Seriously.. wow.. How will the next one look like? So much blood haha. The tone of this film is so different than the anime and Japanese films.

10. They’ve changed an important thing too! It is supposed to be that anyone who touched the notebook.. they can see the Ryuk (Like in the Bus Scene where the hijacker sees Ryuk) But of course not in this one.

11. Kira… Used because it means Light? in Russian and Celtic, sure, I don’t know. But “killer” in Japanese.. lol No it doesn’t? Kira is more how you would say the English word Killer in Japanese, not the actual word for murderer in Japanese. Why is he even mentioning this? It makes no sense that he would choose this name in this story. And like, he makes his own name? Doesn’t his “fanbase” make the name?

12. And the girl, what kind of psycho is this? lmao.

13. I actually thought the L guy was okay at times.. but definitely he has some character flaws that doesn’t resonate with the real L.. who is my favourite character! Like, he gets caught up in a revengeful mindset and brings a gun?? Only in America…

So I stopped taking notes in the middle because I almost stopped watching it out of frustration. I don’t mind that a movie is different from the original. But here, it doesn’t have the same atmosphere, the characters doesn’t have the same personalities, obviously Japanese cultural aspects are turned into American versions which doesn’t exactly work because it is important to the feel of the stories (I say stories cause this happens to many American remakes).. It’s just so off!! And also, once I wrote a long essay on the differences between Japanese films and their American remakes… one of the main differences is ALWAYS! The American films rely so much on the visual gore… just like this one…Where the victims mostly have heart attacks in the Japanese version, in this one.. we get a half cut head splashed in our eyes! There NO NEED for this!! If you have to rely on the visual gore to catch the audience attention, your story is weak ! And I know Hollywood is ALL about the money, and doesn’t care about the story being any good… but sometimes, I think they should just back off from great foreign material instead of ruining it, specially if they don’t bother to put enough time in it to make it good.

What they should have done, was to make a whole new Death Note story that happened in the US and had nothing to do with the original.. Then who cares if nothing matches haha!

Here’s the trailer…
I really wonder how people who are not familiar with Death Note at all feels about the film.







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