Vagina from Hell: Teeth (2007), Netflix Movie Review

There is blood.
There is gore.
There is half, blue penises laying on the floor.
Read on if you wanna know more.

Title: ‘Teeth’022018_teeth2
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Run time: 1h 34 mins
Year: 2007
Country: US
Rating: R

Director: Mitchell Lichtenstein 
Cinematographer: Wolfgang Held
Editor: Joe Landauer
Music: Robert Miller
Cast: Jess Weixler, John Hensley, Josh Pais

“Still a stranger to her own body, a high school student discovers she has a physical advantage when she becomes the object of male violence”. –

I watched this around the time it came out and remembered it to be a bit funny, so when I saw it on Netflix I thought: “Hey, why not, it’s been a while.” Even though I know I enjoyed this film in the past, I didn’t remember much of what exactly happened, only a few scenes.

Here it goes…

The story is about a Christian girl, Dawn, who strongly believes in purity and not having sex before marriage. However, of course, she meets this handsome Christian (creepy) guy who she falls for and has not-so-pure-thoughts about. They end up going on a date to a lake, and here they so innocently make-out a little bit, but when the guy wants more, she reminds him about their secret purity promise. Dawn, escapes into the near cave and climbs up on a spot in the wall… Naturally wrapping an old blanket that was just laying there around her to feel warm, telling the dude to ‘Stay in the Water’, and he should have listened!

Why doesn’t guys listen!?

He climbs up to her and joins her under the blanket. After a little smooching, he tries to get it on with her. Horrible, terrible mistake. As she doesn’t want to, and tries to fight him of she hurts her head, and for a second, we think, maybe.. just maybe this guy will stop. But he continues. And BOOMBAM his penis is in 2 pieces.

This is only the beginning of the adventures of the Vagina Dentata, as the films follows Dawn and her encounter with men who wants to use her. Transforming her from an innocent pure girl used by men, to a revengeful and fearless woman.

I really enjoyed Dawn’s character transformation from this naive young girl, to a revenge seeking psychopath. They go from not showing anything of her body when she is in this “pure” state, to showing it all after she has become a “woman” and she feels sexy. I’m not for random female nudity without meaning often seen in horror and comedy films, but here it has a purpose. I think it portrays the growth and change in her mind very clearly.
Additionally, her facial expressions and body language change over time, and it’s very clear why and how she changes.

From the beginning, I noticed the music, I found it really beautiful and not something I would expect in this film as it would fit more into more psychotic films (hence why at the end, it actually does fit).

Also, there is gore. You will see the result of the Vagina Dentata whereever on the victim it will be. So if you can’t take a bloody penis in your face, don’t watch this.

Honestly, I think this film could also have been made by a woman, I think it shows very well some things that women have to go through, and I’m pretty sure some women has wished for a Vagina Dentata at times in their lives. I think this film actually deals with serious issues, and I don’t ever feel bad for the males in this film.

However serious the main theme might be, this is also a comedy. A comedy that will make you laugh. The innocence of the characters in the beginning, how they speak and interact with each other is at times hilarious. The cheesy lines and candid dialogue.

I don’t really understand the low rating on IMDB, but at the same time, I do, this film is not for everyone. Personally, I find it to be pretty good, and I would recommend it for people who can take a bit of gore and weird humor.

Every time a penis falls, I can’t help but laughing in a wave of cringe.

Rating: 4/6




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