1 headline, 2 headlines, 3 headlines, live coverage! Must be something important!?





Just Justin Bieber.
Arrested for DUI.

Priorities in Media.

And get over it, it’s not like he’s the first, or the last.

I feel sorry for these young artists who can’t do anything without media analyzing it, of course they’ll try and fail, over and over again.

For his sake, I hope he learns from this. Even if he’s able to pay his way out of this, like every other celebrity.

This is not usually what I would write about, I just think it’s SICK that there’s so much coverage of this incident. O_O




– CinaMonster –

Hail to the King!

I’m so excited to hear the new Avenged Sevenfold album this month! It’s been a while since they’ve released an album and been on tour… but being one of my favorite band i am sure this new album will not disappoint. Even without the genius The Rev to help writing it, i’m sure this album will have its usual sexy guitar solos and beautiful music.
Also i can’t wait to see them in November, their live shows never fail to please me.

Check out this new inerview with M Shadows and Zacky V :oD

Interview with Matt and Zacky

Check out their new single: Hail to the King


– CinaMonster –