Zombies from the Motherland!

First Look: Død Snø 2 (Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead)

I didn’t really think the first film was that awesome… Yes, it was good to be Norwegian, but after hearing all these great things about it, I was a bit disappointed when i finally watched it.. I can’t remember exactly why at the moment, I think it was because you didn’t actually get to see the zombie attacks, which is a bit boring! But that probably had something to do with the budget not being big enough to include scenes with lots of special effects (CGI/makeup whatever). Also I didn’t find it scary, or funny. Which it should’ve been since it is a horror comedy 😛

Anyway, in this film it looks like they’ve included the attacks, so i’m looking forward to seeing it when it comes out in February. 😀


– CinaMonster –